They’re retracing how Wonder Woman arrived in the outside world after being stuck in Themyscira all her life. It’s been a while since I read the entire New 52 series of Wonder Woman, so I can’t really put my finger on it if it’s a reboot or if there’s any contradictions. As far as I know her first meeting with Barbara Minerva, who later on would be transformed as the Cheetah, hasn’t been shown yet. But her powers… wasn’t all of those because she was Zeus’ daughter?

From – Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #6

2 thoughts on “How Wonder Woman Got Her Powers (Rebirth)”
  1. O come on! It’s clearly a reboot! You said it yourself. Azzarello’s version says Zeus is her father and that’s where she gets her powers from. This new version says this is how she receives her powers.

    1. I’m going by what Geoff Johns said, that Rebirth isn’t a reboot. And there’s also that part where Wonder Woman used the lasso of truth on herself and got all these various versions of hers through the years. I have a feeling all of these are Doctor Manhattan’s work and will tie in on a huge event down the line, but yeah… at this point I’m not sure it can be called a reboot. It’s confusing, is what it is.

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