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Month: September 2016


The Justice League Has ID Cards

And I always thought the Avengers were corny for having ID cards. But at least with the Justice League, they function as keys for their teleportation devices. From – Aquaman […]

September 21 Haul

Got my usual Nightwing and Justice League series, although I feel that their stories are really sub-par. They’re not on the same tier as the story telling of Superman, Batman, […]


All New Wolverine VS Old Man Logan

I’ve always thought Laura (All New Wolverine) knew Gabrielle had bone claws and a healing factor. She’s her clone after all. So why the surprise? To give context on this […]


When Superman Has Free Time

  To this Pre-Flashpoint Superman who has to deal with the New 52 Batman, I bet this all familiar to him. One thing you can be sure of in all […]


Red Hood And Artemis Teams Up

This second issue does a great job of hyping the next one. Red Hood and Artemis’ chemistry is both funny and familiar, and if we add Bizarro’s unique personality into […]


Red Hood VS Artemis (Rebirth)

A giant axe that appears when you call for it. Hmm… good thing it doesn’t have any thunderbolt blasts. From – Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2 #2


Red Hood VS Batman (Rebirth)

Somehow, I think Batman would approve of cheating. He won’t even call it cheating; everything’s fair in a fight after all. Most important thing is you win, and you don’t […]

Black Mask Recruits Red Hood

Black Mask Recruits Red Hood

I probably need to read the Under The Red Hood storyline again. I remember the animated movie more and Red Hood definitely was not in the good graces of Black […]

From – Red Hood And The Outlaws – Rebirth #1

Artemis (Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol. 2 #1)

With Arsenal/Roy Harper and Starfire gone from his group, Artemis the Amazon is an acceptable replacement. It’s a perfect opportunity for her character to get more exposure. From – Red […]


Batman Meets Jason Todd (Rebirth)

The art here is really spot on. Their first meeting has been featured many times already, usually in flashbacks of course. My memory, or preferred version, of their meeting is […]