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Cyborg Volume 2

Cyborg Volume 2

A complete list of all Cyborg Volume 2 posts in chronological order.

  1. Cyborg (Cyborg Vol. 2 #1)
  2. Cyborg VS Robbers (Rebirth)
  3. Cyborg Wonders If He Has A Soul (Rebirth)
  4. Cyborg Learns Why Jazz Music Is Great
  5. Kilg%re Attacks Cyborg
  6. Kilg%re’s Powers And Skills
  7. Cyborg’s Nightmare About Darkseid
  8. Cyborg Vs Superman (Cyborg Vol. 2 #3)
  9. Cyborg Dreams About Fighting The Justice League
  10. Cyborg’s Transmogrification Power
  11. Cyborg Creates A Female Cyborg
  12. Scarlett Taylor Becomes Variant
  13. Why Scarlett Taylor Chose The Name Variant
  14. The Cyberverse
  15. Cyborg Sleeps With Variant
  16. Variant Betrays Cyborg  6
  17. Why Variant Betrayed Cyborg (Rebirth)
  18. How Cyborg Defeated Variant
  19. Ratattack (Cyborg Vol. 2 #12)
  20. Cyborg VS Ratattack   12
  21. Black Narcissus (Cyborg Vol. 2 #13)
  22. Fyrewyre (Cyborg Vol. 2 #13)
  23. Cyborg’s First Wish From A Jinn  19

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