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A complete list of all Star Wars: Legacy posts in chronological order

  1. Darth Nihl Kills Kol Skywalker
  2. Cade Skywalker Brings Wolf Sazen Back To Life
  3. Darth Krayt Betrays Emperor Roan Fel
  4. Wolf Sazen And Shado Vao VS Sith
  5. Cade Skywalker (Star Wars Legacy #2)
  6. Cade Skywalker As A Bounty Hunter
  7. Darth Talon Becomes Darth Krayt’s Hand
  8. Darth Talon Kills Elke Vetter
  9. How Emperor Roan Fel Captured Bastion
  10. Cade Skywalker Is A Death Stick Junkie
  11. Cade Skywalker Meets Princess Marasiah Fel
  12. Anson Trask Kills Darth Maleval
  13. Darth Krayt Summons Ancient Sith Lords
  14. Darth Talon VS Shado Vao And Wolf Sazen
  15. Cade Skywalker Reveals He’s A Jedi
  16. Cade Skywalker Bonds With Princess Marasiah Fel
  17. Shado Vao Uses A Double-Bladed Lightsaber
  18. Princess Marasiah Fel Saves Cade Skywalker
  19. Cade Skywalker (Star Wars: Legacy #6)
  20. Cade Skywalker VS Darth Nihl
  21. Cade Skywalker Heals Marasiah Fel
  22. Darth Krayt Kills Mohrgan Fel
  23. How Emperor Roan Fel Punishes People
  24. Morrigan Corde Kills Jor Torlin
  25. Morrigan Corde Is Cade Skywalker’s Mother
  26. Mara Jade Skywalker Meets Cade Skywalker
  27. Cade Skywalker VS Darth Vader
  28. K’Kkruhk In Star Wars Legacy
  29. The Ossus Project
  30. Why Cade Skywalker Keeps Using Death Sticks
  31. How Cade Skywalker Became A Pirate
  32. R2-D2 Is Returned To The Skywalker Family
  33. Emperor Roan Fel VS Darth Kruhl
  34. Cade Skywalker VS Darth Talon
  35. Darth Maladi Tortures Cade Skywalker
  36. Cade Skywalker Can Cure The Vongspawn Virus
  37. Darth Krayt Is A’Sharad Hett
  38. Morrigan Corde Reveals She Is Cade Skywalker’s Mother
  39. How Darth Krayt Survived Order 66
  40. Obi-Wan Kenobi VS A’Sharad Hett
  41. Cade Skywalker Has The Shatterpoint Force Ability
  42. Cade Skywalker Spars With Darth Talon
  43. A’Sharad Hett Becomes Xoxaan’s Apprentice
  44. Cade Skywalker Sleeps With Darth Talon
  45. A’Sharad Hett Becomes Darth Krayt
  46. Cade Skywalker Reclaims His Father’s Lightsaber
  47. Cade Skywalker’s Test To Become Sith
  48. Cade Skywalker VS Darth Krayt
  49. Cade Skywalker (Star Wars: Legacy #19)
  50. Morrigan Corde Is Nyna Calixte

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