Batman VS KGBeast (Rebirth) Batman VS KGBeast (Rebirth)Batman Leaves KGBeast For Dead (Rebirth)


I have a feeling this decision of Batman leaving KGBeast for dead with a broken neck is going to be really divisive for the Batman fandom. I mean, Batman didn’t kill the Joker for murdering Jason Todd, but he’s perfectly fine leaving KGBeast to his certain doom because he shot Dick Grayson in the head, who survived. I dunno, seems like Batman has a favorite Robin, no?

From – Batman Vol. 3 #57

2 thoughts on “Batman Leaves KGBeast For Dead (Rebirth)”
  1. This was already a divisive decision when he did this before to KGBeast years ago by locking him in a room with no food or water.

  2. I don’t get how Batman, being the greatest fighter in the world, is nearly bested by KGBeast here. Plus the dude should be enraged by Dick’s shooting. Since when does Batman ever go through the front door? In daylight? I love me some Tom King but this is sloppy Batman writing.

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