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Savage Avengers

Savage Avengers

A complete list of all Savage Avengers posts in chronological order.

  1. Conan The Barbarian (Savage Avengers #1)
  2. Conan The Barbarian VS Hand Ninjas
  3. Wolverine VS Conan The Barbarian
  4. The Punisher (Savage Avengers #1)
  5. Kulan Gath (Savage Avengers #2)
  6. Wolverine (Savage Avengers #2)
  7. Wolverine Brings Brother Voodoo Back To Life
  8. The Punisher (Savage Avengers #2)
  9. The Punisher (Savage Avengers #3)
  10. Wolverine (Savage Avengers #3)
  11. Conan Uses Wolverine As A Weapon
  12. Conan The Barbarian Bonds With A Symbiote
  13. Kulan Gath Summons Jhoatun Lau
  14. Brother Voodoo Exorcises Skinwalkers
  15. Venom (Savage Avengers #4)
  16. Savage Avengers #4
  17. Jhoatun Lau (Savage Avengers #5)
  18. Savage Avengers VS Jhoatun Lau
  19. Savage Avengers #5
  20. Brother Voodoo Saves Conan The Barbarian’s Life
  21. Conan The Barbarian Describes His God Crom
  22. Conan The Barbarian Using A Machine Gun
  23. Doombot (Savage Avengers #6)
  24. Elektra (Savage Avengers #7)
  25. Conan The Barbarian Meets Doctor Doom
  26. Doctor Doom (Savage Avengers #7)
  27. Conan The Barbarian Calls Doctor Doom Vain
  28. Kulan Gath (Savage Avengers #8)


Annual 1

  1. Conan The Barbarian (Savage Avengers Annual #1)
  2. Conan The Barbarian Inside A Brothel
  3. Daimon Hellstrom (Savage Avengers Annual #1)

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