How Billy Butcher Deals With People

Mother’s Milk explains to Hughie Campbell how Billy Butcher treats people, his whole philosophy and approach towards life in getting what we wants.

Butcher don’t hate gays, Hughie. He don’t hate anyone if there ain’t no point to it. You wanna understand the man, that’s all you gotta know right there.


How Billy Butcher Deals With People

You’re either a problem, or you can help him, or he don’t care. There ain’t no sense getting’ pissed at someone cause of who they fuckin’, that’s how he sees it. Everything he does or says serves whatever it is he got planned. He don’t waste nothin’– not even a goddamn smile, Hughie. 


IMO, Billy sounds like a combination of a stand-up man and a psychopath.


From – The Boys #8

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