The Flash VS KGBeast The Flash VS KGBeast The Flash VS KGBeast The Flash VS KGBeast


A man with a gun vs the fastest man alive, it’s not even a contest. Wally West gives KGBeast a serious warning about trying to harm his best friend Nightwing again, whom the former shot in the head a few issues back. He makes a promise to always make time to put KGBeast away if he ever tries to step out of line again.

“I know you can’t hear me. But I still want ot say this. That will be the last time you ever point a gun at Nightwing. I try not to hold a grudge. I’m a fairly easygoing and forgiving guy. But you have joined a select list of truly terrible people I will never forgive. You tried to murder my friend. You almost succeeded. You almost took away one of the greatest heroes and one of the best people I know. So every time you try to step out of line from now one, I will be there to stop you. And I have the time to do it, Anatoli. I can make more time than most.”

From – Nightwing Vol. 4 #91

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