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Tag: green ranger


Lord Drakkon

So the question is… is Lord Drakkon a clone of Tommy Oliver? Or is he a possible alternate future version? From – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11


Tommy Oliver Discovers Saba

Tommy and Billy were transported into the future so this first meeting between Tommy and Saba technically doesn’t count. From – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11


Batman VS The Power Rangers

Before anyone claims that Batman won, he didn’t. He managed to hold them off, which in itself is impressive, but he clearly was on the losing side. The fact that […]


Red Ranger Piloting The Dragonzord

Things I learned: You can pilot a zord without transforming into a Ranger. Power Rangers can switch zords with each other as long as they have the key. From – […]


The Dragonzord Flies To The Moon

  It’s not something that was shown on the TV series, as far as I can remember. Good to know though that anytime we need a space battle, the zords […]