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How Superman Captured Parallax

How Superman Captured Parallax

Superman stole Sinestro’s ring and captured Parallax himself! How hilarious is that? And how about that? Parallax wants to escape from Sinestro! Normally that bug wants to possess anyone it […]

Parallax Possession Can Turn You Young

Parallax Possession Can Turn You Young

  I get that your appearance would change when being fused with an emotional spectrum entity, Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, and The Flash did when they got possessed by Parallax. Or […]

Sinestro Considers Black Adam A Friend

Sinestro Considers Black Adam A Friend

  Teth-Adam is a man…a god…of honor. More than that, he is a friend. We have an understanding. We appreciate each other. Their friendship began in the Forever Evil event. From – Sinestro […]