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Solomon Grundy Kills Zombie Bane (DCeased)

Solomon Grundy Kills Zombie Bane (DCeased)

Solomon Grundy decapitates zombie Bane easily with his hands, then throws the head towards charging zombies, accomplishing a head butt without a body behind it. From – DCeased: The Unkillables […]

Billy Batson Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

Billy Batson Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

  So that’s why Shazam didn’t make an appearance on the previous DCeased issues. Damn, he got turned into a zombie as Billy Batson. So that’s another heavyweight taken out […]

Zombie Wonder Woman Kills Vandal Savage

Zombie Wonder Woman Kills Vandal Savage

  A zombified Wonder Woman from the anti-life equation easily kills the immortal Vandal Savage by ripping him in half. She then kills Captain Cold and turns him into a […]