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Approved For WordAds

Yesterday I received an email notifying me that my application for WordAds has been accepted. I honestly can’t remember when I applied, it must have been when I first bought the domain name. But oh yeah, the surprise was definitely pleasant and a welcome one. I’ve been planning on having the site hosted somewhere else so I can do some customizations and install Google Adsense but like all my other endeavors, it was doing its time in procrastination hell. So WordAd’s approval couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

When I first saw the notice, I even thought it was a spam or fishing scam. The broken layout and codes was not a good sign.

wordadsBut all the links worked. And when I checked my Settings panel the WordAds section was in there alright. Awesome can’t even begin to cover it and I’m excited as hell. Well, excited as much as I can be anyway. I read their FAQ page and everything seems to be simple and straightforward, I didn’t have to do anything except agree to the terms and conditions. They have this rule though about only allowing you to withdraw your earnings only after it’s exceeded $100 but I really don’t find a problem with it. At least there’s anticipation in the waiting, and it doesn’t really make sense if I only withdrew $10 right? Withdrawing $100 on the other hand feels like more of a big deal, at least in my opinion.

I couldn’t find any charts on explaining how much you earn per views, but after googling “WordAds Earnings” I found these helpful articles explaining their own experience with Wordads. Based on my calculations, it seems safe to assume that I’ll be receiving $5 for every 10,000 views.


Now that I’ll be starting to earn from this little project, I feel the need to post more original content than what I’m doing right now. It just feels more…appropriate.  And definitely fix the blog to make it look more presentable, and navigating more easily. After receiving some feedback from my friends, it turns out they were having problems looking for posts that they wanted to read. I suppose the current navigation tabs only made sense to me.

Anyway, to cut this short. I’m excited and I’m thinking of all these new ideas that I can add to this blog. I feel like my interest has been given this huge power boost and it reminds me of the day I first started this blog.

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