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Superior Spider-Man

The Superior Spider-man series is part of the Marvel Now! initiative and it started right after the conclusion of the Dying Wish story arc in Amazing Spider-man #700, where Doctor Octopus succeeded in swapping his consciousness with Spider-man. Left in his nemesis’s dying old body, Parker tried taking back his body using the same brain-swapping octobot Octavius used on him but failed. Yet despite that, he was able to make Octavius relive all his memories and making the villain understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Doctor Octopus promised Parker that he will uphold Spider-man’s legacy before the latter finally died. Believing that with his intellect would make him a better super hero, Octavius named himself as the Superior Spider-man.

superior spider-man is a tool

A complete list of all Superior Spider-man posts in chronological order.

  1. Superior Spider-Man VS The Sinister Six
  2. How Superior Spider-Man Took Down The Sinister Six
  3. Peter Parker As A Conscience For Superior Spider-Man
  4. Jonah Jameson Approves Of Superior Spider-Man
  5. How Superior Spider-Man Does His Patrols
  6. Superior Spider-Man’s Memories Of Mary Jane
  7. Superior Spider-Man Breaks Up With Mary Jane
  8. Jonah Jameson Installs A Spider Signal
  9. Why You Shouldn’t Use Kids Against Superior Spider-Man
  10. Superior Spider-Man VS The Vulture
  11. Superior Spider-Man’s Crime Fighting Results
  12. Peter Parker Is Not A Doctor
  13. Massacre’s Plan To Get Rich
  14. Superior Spider-Man’s Big Brother Program
  15. Otto Octavius Gets Tutored
  16. Superior Spider-Man Delegates Tasks To Cops
  17. Superior Spider-Man Kills Massacre
  18. Superior Spider-Man Blackmails Corporations
  19. Mayor Jonah Jameson Gets Jested
  20. Wolverine Defends Superior Spider-Man From The Avengers
  21. Otto Octavius Was Bullied As A Kid
  22. Jester And Screwball Embarrasses Superior Spider-Man
  23. Superior Spider-Man VS Jester And Screwball
  24. Peter Parker Tries To Regain Control Of His Body
  25. Superior Spider-Man Is A Tool
  26. Superior Spider-Man Takes Charge Of Security Guards
  27. Superior Spider-Man VS Cardiac
  28. The Avengers Hold An Intervention For Superior Spider-Man
  29. The Avengers Submit Superior Spider-Man To A Scan
  30. Peter Parker Tries To Warn Black Widow
  31. Superior Spider-Man And Cardiac Rematch
  32. Superior Spider-Man Performs Surgery
  33. Otto Octavius Discovers Peter Parker’s Consciousness
  34. Otto Octavius Tries To Erase Peter Parker’s Consciousness
  35. Peter Parker And Otto Octavius Mental Battle
  36. Amazing Spider-Man And Superior Spider-Man Mental Battle
  37. Otto Octavius Mindwipes Peter Parker’s Consciousness
  38. Superior Spider-Man VS The Owl And White Dragon
  39. The Police Lie To Protect Superior Spider-Man
  40. Otto Octavius Takes His Midterms
  41. Otto Octavius And Anna Maria Marconi Kiss
  42. The Goblin King
  43. Superior Spider-Man #11
  44. The Spider-Slayer Escapes His Execution
  45. Superior Spider-Man Counters Spider-Slayer’s Escape Plans
  46. Why Jonah Jameson Hates The Spider-Slayer
  47. Jonah Jameson Orders Superior Spider-Man To Kill
  48. Superior Spider-Man VS The Vulture, The Scorpion And Boomerang
  49. Superior Spider-Man Ignores Saving Innocents
  50. Superior Spider-Man Doesn’t Negotiate With Criminals
  51. Superior Spider-Man Kills The Spider-Slayer
  52. The Scorpion VS The Lizard
  53. The Spider-Slayer Tries To Steal Superior Spider-Man’s Body
  54. Superior Spider-Man Blackmails Jonah Jameson
  55. Superior Spider-Man Attacks Shadowland
  56. Superior Spider-Man Blackmails Jonah Jameson Again
  57. The Kingpin’s Contingency Plan
  58. Superior Spider-Man VS Hobgoblin
  59. Superior Spider-Man Uses Crowdsourcing
  60. The Goblin Knight  16
  61. Superior Spider-Man Attacks Agent Venom  22
  62. Agent Venom Escapes From Superior Spider-Man
  63. How Superior Venom Came To Be  23

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