Throne Of Atlantis is a DC Comics crossover storyline published in 2012-2013, which spanned 7 issues between the Justice League and Aquaman comic series. It told the tale of how the army of Atlantis, at the command of Aquaman’s half brother Orm, attacked major cities of the United States in retaliation for an unprovoked attack on Atlantis that seemed to come from the surface world. Aquaman, a product of both worlds, is caught in the middle and would have to find a way to prevent an all out war between the Justice League and the Atlanteans. A DC animated movie of the same title was released in 2015 which was loosely based on this storyline.

ocean master and the atlantean army

A complete list of all Throne of Atlantis posts in chronological order.

  1. Humans Captured The King Of Atlantis
  2. When Aquaman Needs To Talk To Ocean Master
  3. Black Manta Refuses To Join The Suicide Squad
  4. Aquaman Parleys With Ocean Master
  5. Wonder Womans Learns How To Disguise Herself
  6. Aquaman Saves Batman
  7. Mera (New 52)
  8. Superman And Wonder Woman Lifts An Aircraft Carrier
  9. Aquaman Creates The Atlantean War Plans
  10. Aquaman Saves Jim Gordon And Harvey Bullock
  11. Jim Gordon And Harvey Bullock Meets Mera
  12. Vulko Punches Superman
  13. Aquaman Explains How Atlanteans Think To Batman
  14. Aquaman’s History With Atlantis
  15. Aquaman Flatters Batman
  16. Ocean Master Interacts With Humans
  17. Aquaman Chokes Batman
  18. Batman Strikes Ocean Master
  19. Aquaman VS Wonder Woman (Throne of Atlantis)
  20. Ocean Master Takes Out Batman
  21. Ocean Master and the Atlantean Army
  22. Cyborg VS The Drift
  23. Superman And Wonder Woman VS Ocean Master
  24. Cyborg Calls In Justice League Hopefuls
  25. Cyborg Gets An Upgrade To His Lung
  26. Justice League Reinforcements
  27. Superman And Wonder Woman Rescued From The Trench
  28. Vulko Started The War With Atlantis
  29. Justice League Hopefuls VS Atlantean Army
  30. Ocean Master Loves Aquaman
  31. Aquaman Beats Ocean Master
  32. Justice League And Atlanteans VS The Trench
  33. Aquaman’s Punishment To Ocean Master
  34. Why Aquaman Had To Return To Atlantis
  35. The 7 Seas
  36. Aquaman VS Whalers
  37. Murk (New 52)
  38. Aquaman (Aquaman 17)

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