Starfire Volume 2 is the ongoing comic series published by DC Comics featuring the adventures of Starfire after she left her gang with Red Hood and Arsenal.



A complete list of all Starfire Volume 2 posts in chronological order.

  1. Starfire Tells Her Lifestory
  2. How Starfire Obtained Cash
  3. Starfire Has Her First Beer
  4. Starfire Goes Shopping For Clothes
  5. How Starfire Learns New Languages
  6. Starfire Knows How To Perform Mouth To Mouth
  7. Starfire Learns Human Mating Rituals
  8. Starfire Learns About Gnomes And Hemingway
  9. Starfire Likes Drinking Sodas
  10. Starfire Goes Shopping For Food
  11. Terra (New 52)
  12. Terra VS Chida Monster
  13. Terra’s History
  14. Starfire VS Chida Monster
  15. Starfire’s Naive Side
  16. Starfire’s Toast
  17. Starfire Has Problems With Idioms
  18. Starfire Dresses Up For An Interview
  19. Starfire Helps Out A Dolphin
  20. Starfire Learns Comebacks
  21. Starfire VS Kragg
  22. Starfire Learns Dick Grayson Is Still Alive
  23. Starfire’s Feelings For Dick Grayson
  24. Why Starfire Loves Cellphones
  25. Starfire (Starfire #8)
  26. Starfire Sunbathes In The Nude  #9
  27. Starfire Rescues A Dolphin
  28. Starfire (Starfire #12)

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