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Wonder Woman Volume 4

Wonder Woman Volume 4 is the ongoing comic series from DC comics featuring Wonder Woman. This series is part of the New 52 initiative which was a complete reboot of all DC’s titles.



A complete list of all Wonder Woman Volume 4 posts in chronological order.

  1. Apollo’s Oracles
  2. How Zeus Picks Up Women
  3. Wonder Woman’s Known Origin Story
  4. How Strife’s Powers Work
  5. Wonder Woman’s New 52 Origin Story
  6. Hera Confronts Hyppolita
  7. Hera’s Punishment to Hyppolita
  8. Poseidon (New 52)   5
  9. Eros (New 52)
  10. Hephaestus (New 52)
  11. How The Amazons Populate Their Island  7
  12. Wonder Woman Incites A Coup Against Hephaestus
  13. War And Strife  9
  14. Wonder Woman VS Hermes   18
  15. Why Wonder Woman Kissed Orion  19
  16. Justice League (Wonder Woman Vol. 4 #36)
  17. Wonder Woman VS Swamp Thing
  18. Aquaman Giving Wonder Woman Advice
  19. Superman And Wonder Woman Sparring
  20. Wonder Woman VS Man-Eating Stymphalian Birds
  21. Donna Troy’s First Appearance (New 52)
  22. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman Vol. 4 #38)
  23. Donna Troy As Queen Of The Amazons
  24. Wonder Woman’s Wrath As God Of War
  25. Wonder Woman Calls Out Batman On His Hypocrisy
  26. Wonder Woman’s First Meeting With Donna Troy (New 52)
  27. Donna Troy Massacres The Sons Of Themyscira
  28. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman Vol. 4 #41)
  29. Wonder Woman’s New Costume
  30. How Wonder Woman Deals With Gropers
  31. Wonder Woman Ambushed By Aegeus
  32. Ancestors Of Aegeus
  33. Donna Troy Visits The Fates
  34. Aegeus VS Wonder Woman
  35. Wonder Woman VS Aegeus
  36. How Strife Dealt With Aegeus
  37. Aegeus Kills Donna Troy
  38. Eirene Goddess Of Peace
  39. Wonder Woman VS Eirene
  40. Zeus Resurrects Ares And Apollo
  41. Why The Amazons Are Immortal
  42. God Of War Wonder Woman VS The Cheetah (New 52)
  43. Wonder Woman Learns A Rule About Being A God  47
  44. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman Vol. 4 #48)
  45. Wonder Woman VS Doctor Poison (New 52)
  46. Wonder Woman Meets Hecate (New 52) 49
  47. Ares (Wonder Woman Vol. 4 #50)
  48. Ares VS Wonder Woman
  49. Typhoeus (New 52)
  50. Why Hecate Loves Zeus
  51. Wonder Woman God Of War Costume
  52. Wonder Woman Saves Zeus’s Life


  1. Wonder Woman VS Donna Troy (New 52)
  2. Wonder Woman Takes Down Donna Troy

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