Schism is a Marvel Comics crossover story line published in 2011 which had a core mini series of 5 issues and crosses over with the Generation Hope comic series. The story mainly features the X-men and how their united organization was splintered into two factions led by Cyclops and Wolverine due to the machinations of the Hellfire Club, now ruled by a new Black King. This crossover had a massive effect on all X-men stories, causing a relaunch of the long running Uncanny X-men series which began following Cyclops team of mutants that stayed in Utopia, and a new comic series titled Wolverine and the X-men which showed Wolverine’s mutants starting a new school named the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.



A complete list of all Schism posts in chronological order.

  1. Why Wolverine Follows Cyclops
  2. Kid Omega’s Psychic Attack On The World’s Leaders
  3. Cyclops and Wolverine VS Sentinels
  4. Wolverine Eats Ice Cream With Oya
  5. Kade Kilgore Kills His Father
  6. Kade Kilgore Joins The Hellfire Club 1
  7. The X-Men VS Sentinels (Schism)
  8. Quentin Quire (Schism)
  9. Cyclops Defends Wolverine From Quentin Quire
  10. Emma Frost Makes Quentin Quire Shit His Pants
  11. The Hellfire Club VS Aliens
  12. X-Men (Schism 2)
  13. The New Hellfire Club
  14. New Leaders Of The Hellfire Club
  15. Emma Frost’s Problem With The Mutant Museum
  16. The X-Men VS The Hellfire Club (Schism)
  17. Cyclops’s Controversial Order To Idie
  18. Oya Kills Hellfire Club Members
  19. Cyclops Blasts The Hellfire Club Sentinel
  20. What Cyclops And Wolverine Disagreed About On Schism
  21. Cyclops VS Wolverine (Schism)
  22. Transonic VS Hope Summers
  23. Wolverine VS Cyclops (Schism)
  24. The X-Men VS Hellfire Club Sentinel
  25. Why Wolverine Left Cyclops’s X-Men
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