Blackest Night is a DC comics event and is the 3rd of a trilogy which primarily featured the Green Lantern Corps. It had a core miniseries of its own and countless tie ins among all existing DC titles at that time. With 7 Lantern Corps being established, an old prophecy from the Book of Oa called the Blackest Night begins to manifest. Heroes find themselves fighting against dead friends and foes as reanimated Black Lanterns. It’s up to the Green Lanterns to lead all the other Corps, as well as Earth’s heroes and villains, in the charge against this latest threat.

Blackest Night

A complete list of all Blackest Night posts in chronological order.

  1. Green Lantern Visits Batman’s Grave
  2. Green Lantern And Batman Talks About Their Parents
  3. Black Hand Steals Batman’s Skull
  4. Green Lantern Corps (Blackest Night)
  5. Red Lantern Corps (Blackest Night)
  6. Orange Lantern Corps (Blackest Night)
  7. Sinestro Corps (Blackest Night)
  8. Blue Lantern Corps (Blackest Night)
  9. Indigo Tribe (Blackest Night)
  10. Star Sapphire Corps (Blackest Night)
  11. Black Lantern Corps (Blackest Night)
  12. Green Lanterns Join The Coast City Parade
  13. Green Lantern Shows The Flash Everyone Who Died
  14. Scar Turns On Her Fellow Guardians
  15. Black Lantern Martian Manhunter
  16. Why Aquaman Was Buried On Land
  17. Black Lanterns Kill Hawkman And Hawkgirl
  18. Black Lantern Aquaman
  19. Black Lantern Dolphin And Tula
  20. Black Lantern Spectre
  21. Black Lanterns Kill Tempest
  22. Green Lantern And The Flash VS Black Lantern Martian Manhunter
  23. Justice League Members Turned Black Lanterns
  24. Green Lantern, The Atom And The Flash VS Black Lantern Justice League
  25. Mera’s Theory On The Black Lanterns
  26. Indigo 1 And 2 VS Black Lantern Justice League
  27. Indigo-1 Explains The Cause Of The Blackest Night
  28. Black Lantern Firestorm Kills Gehenna
  29. Black Lanterns Alexander Luthor, Doctor Light And Maxwell Lord
  30. The Flash Faces Off Against The Black Lantern Corps
  31. Why The Black Lanterns Can’t Detect The Scarecrow
  32. The Problem With Being The Flash
  33. Justice Society Of America VS Black Lanterns
  34. Black Lantern Jean Loring Kills Damage
  35. Rise Of Nekron
  36. Death Of Kyle Rayner (Blackest Night)
  37. 7 Corps Charging Their Rings
  38. Two Flashes VS Black Lanterns
  39. Justice League And Teen Titans (Blackest Night)
  40. The Justice League And Teen Titans VS Black Lanterns
  41. 7 Different Lanterns Kill Scar
  42. The 7 Lantern Corps Attacks The Black Battery
  43. Black Lantern Batman
  44. Black Lantern Batman Turns Everyone Into A Black Lantern
  45. How Guy Gardner Became A Red Lantern (Blackest Night)
  46. Red Lantern Guy Gardner VS Kryb
  47. How Kyle Rayner Was Brought Back To Life
  48. Mogo (Blackest Night)
  49. Green Lantern VS Black Lantern Superman
  50. The Flash VS Black Lantern Kid Flash
  51. How The Flash Disabled A Black Lantern Ring
  52. Mera Takes Out Black Lantern Jean Loring
  53. Green Lantern John Stewart (Blackest Night)
  54. Ganthet Rejoins The Green Lantern Corps
  55. A Secret Power Of All Lantern Rings
  56. Lex Luthor Joins The Orange Lantern Corps
  57. Scarecrow Joins The Sinestro Corps
  58. The Atom Joins The Indigo Tribe
  59. Mera Joins The Red Lantern Corps
  60. Wonder Woman Joins The Star Sapphire Corps
  61. The Flash All Will Be Well
  62. Lanterns VS Nekron
  63. Lex Luthor Succumbs To The Orange Light
  64. The 7 Lantern Corps Unite
  65. Lex Luthor Under The Lasso Of Truth
  66. Nekron And Black Hand Summon The White Entity
  67. Nekron Attacks The Entity
  68. Sinestro As A White Lantern
  69. White Lantern Sinestro VS Nekron
  70. Black Lantern Martian Manhunter Takes Down Green Lantern
  71. Battle Of Blackest Night
  72. Nekron Separates Sinestro From The Entity
  73. Hal Jordan And The White Lantern Corps
  74. The White Lanterns Bring Black Hand Back To Life
  75. The White Lanterns Resurrect The Anti-Monitor
  76. Nekron VS The Anti-Monitor
  77. The Entity Resurrects 12 Individuals

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