Red Lantern Corps (Green Lanterns Rebirth)

From – Green Lanterns – Rebirth #1

4 thoughts on “Red Lantern Corps (Green Lanterns Rebirth)”
    1. Well Red Lanterns do live without a heart, so that’s handy.

      But seriously, I don’t think the writers have any idea on how to write him. He’s been switching from villain to anti-hero more times than Sinestro, I feel.

      1. I know how the red lantern ring works, but if I recall, Atrocitus had his ring removed. :-/ I guess I’ll have to read that series yo see what’s up…and I bet you’re right in terms of the characterization.

      2. I could be wrong but the last time his ring was removed, it was by Guy Gardner when he infiltrated and then led the Red Lanterns. The cat Dex-starr kept Atrocitus alive by encasing him in some sort of protective field. I really need to do a binge read of the Red Lanterns series.

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