Detective Comics Volume 1


A complete list of all Detective Comics Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. Azrael VS The Colony
  2. Batman Reveals His Identity To Batwoman   934
  3. Red Robin’s New Costume (Rebirth)
  4. Batman’s Opinion Of Cassandra Cain (New 52)
  5. Batman Recruits Clayface (Rebirth)
  6. Batman Meets Ulysses Armstrong (Rebirth)
  7. Batwoman Chooses Batman Over Her Father  937
  8. Red Robin’s First Meeting With Ulysses Armstrong (Rebirth)
  9. Orphan VS Colony Soldiers  938
  10. Red Robin Takes On A Drone Fleet   939
  11. Death Of Red Robin?  940
  12. Batman And Spoiler Grieves For Red Robin
  13. What Happened To Red Robin
  14. Batman Admits Cassandra Cain Can Beat Him (Rebirth)
  15. Clayface Is A Lethal One Man Army   952
  16. Cassandra Cain VS Lady Shiva (Rebirth)
  17. Lady Shiva Beats Batman (Rebirth)