Green Lanterns Volume 1

Green Lantern Volume 1 is a comic series from DC Comics which falls under the new Rebirth rebranding of the company. The series features the adventures of rookie Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz as they protect Earth under the orders of Hal Jordan.



A complete list of all Green Lanterns Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. Green Lanterns Vol. 1 #1
  2. Atrocitus And Bleez (Green Lanterns #1)
  3. Jessica Cruz (Green Lanterns Vol. 1 #2)
  4. History Of Jessica Cruz’s Green Lantern Ring
  5. Green Lanterns Simon Baz And Jessica Cruz Vol. 1 #3
  6. Green Lanterns Simon Baz And Jessica Cruz VS Bleez
  7. Green Lantern Simon Baz Heals Bleez
  8. Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Infected By Rage
  9. Red Lantern Corps (Green Lanterns #4)
  10. The Phantom Lantern Oath   10
  11. The Phantom Lantern As A Green Lantern    11
  12. The Phantom Lantern’s First Super Hero Act
  13. The Phantom Lantern Transforms Into An Orange Lantern
  14. The Phantom Ring (Green Lanterns #12)   12
  15. Green Lanterns VS An Orange Phantom Lantern
  16. The Phantom Lantern Transforms Into A Yellow Lantern  12
  17. Why The Phantom Lantern Wants To Be A Hero
  18. Hal Jordan (Green Lanterns #12)
  19. Volthoom (Green Lanterns #13)   13
  20. Rami Gives The Green Lantern Rings To The Guardians
  21. Green Lanterns VS A Yellow Phantom Lantern
  22. Rami VS Volthoom   14
  23. The Phantom Lantern Transforms Into An Indigo Lantern
  24. Jessica Cruz Wears The Phantom Ring
  25. Green Lantern Jessica Cruz (Green Lanterns #14)
  26. Jessica Cruz And Simon Baz’s First Meeting With Vath Sarn And Isamot Kol
  27. The Justice League VS A Giant Golden Monster
  28. Green Lanterns VS The Gambler (Rebirth)
  29. How Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Fights Anxiety Attacks
  30. Batman, Green Lanterns Simon Baz And Jessica Cruz
  31. Green Lanterns Simon Baz And Jessica Cruz Meets Jim Gordon
  32. Batman’s Problem With Simon Baz’s Gun
  33. Simon Baz And Jessica Cruz In The Batcave
  34. Alfred Pennyworth VS Green Lantern Simon Baz
  35. How Scarecrow Is Using His Sinestro Corps Ring (Rebirth)
  36. Scarecrow Harnesses The Emotional Spectrum Of Fear
  37. Alfred Pennyworth Has A Post Hypnotic Fail Safe
  38. Batman Explains Simon Baz’s Real Fear
  39. Sinestro Corps Scarecrow (Green Lanterns Vol. 1 #17)
  40. Green Lantern Simon Baz Gives Up His Gun
  41. Batman Likes Green Lantern Simon Baz
  42. Why Nekron Can’t Kill Volthoom
  43. Volthoom And The Travel Lantern
  44. Volthoom Becomes The First Lantern