superman-kills-shazam-injustice-gods-among-us superman-kills-shazam-injustice-gods-among-us superman-kills-shazam-injustice-gods-among-us superman-kills-shazam-injustice-gods-among-us

This is one of my gripes with the game’s story. I don’t have a problem with Superman killing Shazam — that’s actually a great moment to show just how far Superman has sunk. I mean, Shazam once saved Superman’s life from John Constantine’s trap. And now he gets repaid by being killed because he didn’t want to commit genocide?

They could have devoted an entire issue for an epic battle between the two. Personally, I would have loved it if they show them on equal footing at first. Then Superman’s vulnerability to magic starts to work against him. The fight can still go either way when Wonder Woman or any of Superman’s lackeys jump in and swarm him, allowing Superman to kill him helplessly. At least this scenario plays to the fans who believes Shazam can beat Superman. This also sets Superman up as a dirty heel who would do anything.

Yes. I watch WWE.

From – Injustice – Ground Zero #20

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  1. First things first and tht is one Superman couldnt kill Shazam in the way that he did. 2. Shazam in the past hasnt beat Superman because he was weaking to magic.. it was like Metallo with Krytonite in his chest so it was making him weak. Shazams magic isnt weakening him in that kind of way. Shazam is on equal strength and everything poind for pound for pound. Im tired of people saying its because of magic.. yes his powers are magic based but that doesnt mean Shazam doesnt physically match Superman with his strength…Superman is not stronger than Shazam to where the only Shazam can beat Superman is if the magic makes him weak. My point is Shazam was. Threat and the writers do dumb stuff and break the Super hero cannon rules by even allowing Superman to kill Shazam with freakin heat vision. Also why was he trying to say shazam? Just for the lightening to hurt Superman??? Why didnt Billy swing or kick he is easily Supermans equal and actually should be stronger being able to stack his powers.. this is where it gets dumb and unrealistic. Black Adam should of stepped in. If Superman can take on everybody and Shazam is as powerdul as Superman then Him and Black Adam could of ended the whole thing…this series just went down hill

  2. I meant it wasnt like Metallo worh Kryptonite in his chest weaking superman.. thts not how it is working when Shazam and Superman fight.. he isnt fetting weak because of rhe magic . He is gettinf beat because Shazam is as Strong as he Superman

  3. Superman can’t possibly kill Shazam! He can’t overpower him, and his heat vision can’t hurt Shazam! (See superman vs shazam comic for this) while they’re both invulnerable, superman is vulnerable to magic, while Shazam is only vulnerable as Billy, in other words, Shazam has no vulnerability. In Injustice comics we see Zeus slapping Superman away like a ****. And Zeus is just one god, Shazam has the power of six gods, one of them being Zeus. So there is no way Superman can even beat Shazam!

  4. Guys, that was not Shazam, it was Billy (yes, he growed up too), he even tried to say “Shazam” so he could transform, but superman froze his mouth to stop that.

    If he was really in Shazam form, why would he say the word to transform back to billy?

  5. Under DC’s new rules for Shazam, he can control when he changes, and doesn’t necessarily change just by saying the word. I agree with the others, in that he was in his Shazam form during the incident, and was attempting to summon a lightning bolt to hit Superman in order to temporarily stop him. The story line in general has been good, but killing Shazam with heat vision when he’s got the invulnerability of Achilles was lazy writing. Not to mention the wisdom of Solomon probably would have prompted him not to take that moment to challenge Superman while in a room full of Superman’s allies. But, if the writers themselves lack that kind of wisdom, how can they write it…?

    1. I concur.. somebody who finally made some sense about this battle… in the past it would of taken a whole comic or 2 for this fight..not 5 seconds

      1. HE WAS SHAZAM YOU IDIOT. Not even a chapter ago, when lex was going to take down superman using the kryptonite weapon, he was stopped. Billy, who was in his Shazam form, FLEW and then shocked luthor to stop him, resulting in lex getting choked out by Superman. Billy Batson can’t shoot lightning out of his hands, shazam can. He looked the exact same way when supes “killed” him. It was lazy writing or some other shit, but one thing IS certain, that was SHAZAM, and that scence wouldn’t have been possible.

    2. Being too retarded to realize that he literally CALLED him Billy AND he went to transform. AN ENTIRE FUCKING Scene was literally him being stopped from transforming. How are you all this autistically retarded? If he was shazam but somehow able to not withstand the heat vision, how do you explain him BEING CHOKED AND PICKED UP? BECAUSE HE WASN’T TRANSFORMED RIGHT THEN, YOU FUCKING RETARDS!

  6. Well now … Shazam in the past doesnt beat Superman because of a vulnerability to magic but because he is on Supermans strength level or above his. If no magic was involved Shazam is pound for pound as strong as Superman if not stronger. People always act surprised about Captain Marvel.. there has NEVER been a time in DC history.. EVER that Superman has been depicted as stronger or more powerful than Captain Marvel. Also there arent any fans that believe Shazam could beat Superman.. Shazam has beat Superman more times than Superman has beat Shazam

  7. Shazam = Billy = kid
    Younglings (from Star Wars) = kids
    both Shazam and all the Younglings were killed
    what’s up with the good guys turning evil and killing children?

    also, Darth Vader and Superman both lost their wives, and kill people because of it

  8. Shazam is as powerful as Superman and this has nothing to do with magic he is the sum of the powers of the main gods of Olympus, DC detonated with a character whose origin was a match in every way to Superman. DC trash!

  9. I wonder what kind of ice is that Superman blowing on SHAZAM (CM)–really ice is going to stop him from talking. This version of SHAZAM can throw lightning so why didn’t he just hit him with it. Why did SHAZAM just let him choke him, Superman can’t hold him like that if SHAZAM flexes? Billy just stood there and took it. This is why this scene is soooooooo bad. bad writing.

  10. The scene itself is the same as in the video game that the comic’s based in. And yes, in the main universe, Superman and Captain Marvel would be on equal footing, but who’s to say it’s the same in the Injustice universe?

  11. I’m sure Shazam could kill superman with enough lightning bolts steel may be a conductor of electricity but it can be destroyed by lightning.

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