What Green Arrow Hopes For The United States What Green Arrow Hopes For The United States


Green Arrow: You know what the worst part of this is. There is no happy ending. That kind of superhero story doesn’t exist anymore. Even as we save people… even as we beat the bad guy… we don’t win. Liberals have died. Conservatives have died. Americans have died. Everyone is afraid. And when you’re afraid, you lash out.

And so the march to war continues. That’s how the men behind the men work, which is how this place works. Thirty-five billionaires now live within a twenty-five-mile radius of Washington. And there are over two thousand D.C. residents worth thirty mil or more. Guess why.

There is no truth. There’s only propaganda! There is no honor, there’s only profits! This country shouldn’t be treated like a fortress or a business. It’s supposed to be a damn icon. A beacon of hope. A hero among nations.

From – Green Arrow Vol. 6 #27

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