Black Canary Knees Green Arrow In The Groin (Rebirth) Black Canary Knees Green Arrow In The Groin (Rebirth)


I was really expecting Aquaman to make the save here — Green Arrow was trapped in the depths of the ocean afterall and the Justice League members made cameos in the previous issues.

Black Canary is a woman you don’t want to be on the wrong side of. Watching that knee to Oliver Queen’s groin made me wince.

From – Green Arrow Vol. 6 #36

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  1. As a long time GA/BC fan, the one thing I hated about Percy’s run was how he made Dinah such a witch and a snob. For her to be a survivor of abuse, the last thing she’d do would be hit someone she loves. And she hits him two or three times during Percy’s run. Slapping him was bad enough, but a knee in the balls is totally unforgivable, and it’s surprising for a man to write that, imho. And then Ollie apologizes to her! The relationship was an abusive one and it made me really sad.

    The craziest thing about this is there wasn’t a single peep of protest or outrage about it. If it’d been reversed and Ollie had hit Dinah – there’d have been screams and boycotts. What a double standard.

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