Why Black Canary Was A Great Justice League Leader


Green Lantern John Stewart explains to Vixen why he thinks Black Canary was the best leader of the Justice League they ever had.


Green Lantern John Stewart: Tactically, Dinah’s the best chair we’ve ever had.
Vixen: She’s my friend, but we have Batman and Superman on the team. Had them, I mean.
Green Lantern John Stewart: Batman was brilliant, but inflexible. He used people like chess pieces. That’s okay with soldiers, but the JLA is made of uniquely gifted individuals. Batman chafes.
Vixen: And Superman?
Green Lantern John Stewart: The opposite problem. He’s too concerned with protecting people to use them to maximum effect.
Vixen: We’d follow him into hell.
Green Lantern John Stewart: But he’d never ask. He’d just go there and handle the problem himself. But Dinah’s the perfect combination of the two. She’s probably as good a strategist as me, if not Bruce, and she’s tough enough to lead a team made entirely of alpha dogs.
Vixen: But sensitive enough not to keep them from being who they have to be.

From – Justice League of America Vol. 2 #32

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