Superman Son of Kal El

A complete list of all Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. Birth Of Jonathan Samuel Kent
  2. What Superman’s Son Can Stand For
  3. Superman: Son Of Kal El #1
  4. Superman (Jonathan Kent) Rescues Refugees
  5. Superman’s (Jonathan Kent) Secret Identity
  6. Why Superman Did Not Do More For The World
  7. Superman: Son of Kal-El #3
  8. Superman Gets Arrested For Protesting
  9. Lois Lane Has A Super Fan
  10. Jay Nakamura Is a Post-Human
  11. Superman And Jay Nakamura Kiss
  12. Damian Wayne Meets Jay Nakamura
  13. Robin Deduces That Superman Is Gay
  14. Superman: Son Of Kal El #7
  15. How Superman Stopped A Tsunami
  16. Superman Protects A Leviathan
  17. Nightwing (Superman: Son Of Kal El #9)
  18. Superman And Nightwing VS The Rising
  19. Nightwing Becomes Superman’s Mentor
  20. Lois Lane Embarrasses Lex Luthor
  21. Jonathan Samuel Kent Comes Out As Gay To Lois Lane
  22. Dick Grayson Infiltrates Lexcorp
  23. Superman: Son Of Kal El #12
  24. Dreamer (Superman: Son Of Kal El #13)
  25. The Rising Kills All Super Heroes
  26. The Revolutionaries (Superman: Son Of Kal El #14)
  27. Superman: Son Of Kal El #15
  28. Jonathan Samuel Kent’s Super Hearing Kicks In
  29. Superman VS The Ultra-Humanite
  30. Superman: Son Of Kal El #16
  31. Jon Kent Beats Superman In A Race
  32. Jon Kent Comes Out To His Father Superman
  33. The Justice League Rebuilds The Kent House
  34. Superman VS Red Sin


Annual 1


  1. Superman: Son Of Kal El Annual #1
  2. Lex Luthor (Superman: Son Of Kal El Annual #1)

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