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kryptonite makes superman human

Superman Complaining About Kryptonite

Superman: It’s not too far from the truth. Kryptonite is everywhere. It’s ubiquitous. It’s embarrassing. There’s so much of it the prop guy on that movie set had a piece […]

Superman and Batman’s Roles

Superman: So that’s it? That’s how it ends? A good man dead, the bad guy gets a severance package and his 401k, and we…we what? Batman: We move on to […]

Batman’s Motivation

Superman: There’s only a handful of people in the world who knew who Bruce was…Knew who Batman was… Just a handful who knew how it started for him. But, I […]

Superman with Issues

Superman: You’re going to take it off. Batman: I’m not. This is something I need to do. That I have to do. Superman: Take it off. Batman: Clark. Superman: You […]