robin teased about supergirl

Batman: Did Supergirl just drop you off? Was that a date? Because if it was–Supergirl is way out of your league.
Robin: Stop.
Batman: Hold up… Do you have a crush on her?
Robin: Drop it.
Batman: You do! Wait until Alfred hears about this.
Robin: I know thousands of ways to kill you. Thousands, Grayson.
Batman: Did she try to hit you? Bruce always said if a girl tries to hit you that means she likes you…
Robin: It was a case. Nothing more. She was a fair and adequate partner… For an alien.
Supergirl: … Little jerk!

From – Superman/Batman #77

2 thoughts on “Robin Is Teased About Supergirl”
  1. He doesn’t seem to be aware of her superhearing, even though he’s the “Son. Of. Batman.”

    … Then again, maybe he is, and just wanted to piss her off as she flew away. This is Damian we’re talking about.

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