Spider-Man Plays The Name Game

Spider-Man: Hi–I’m the Amazing Spider-Man, and you are? Hello?
Luke Cage: Come on, who are you?
Ronin: Captain America invited me.
Luke Cage: Yeah, I know. Who are you?
Ronin: I’m sorry. I have no name you’d recognize.
Spider-Man: You’re a friend of Matt Murdock, right? Me too. Have we met? A friend of Matt Murdock who beats ninja butt. Hmm… Are you Iron Fist?
Luke Cage: Yo, man, if it was Iron Fist, don’t you think I’d know?
Spider-Man: Is it Shang Chi?
Luke Cage: Does that sound like Shang Chi?
Spider-Man: That’s how Shang Chi sounds when he ignores me.
Captain America: Leave it be.
Spider-Man: Are you Foggy Nelson?
Captain America: Leave it be.
Spider-Man: Alan Dershowitz?

From – New Avengers Vol. 1 #13

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