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Catwoman Escapes Superman

catwoman escapes superman

Catwoman: See what good things happen when you trust me?
Superman: Let me explain, because I obviously haven’t made myself clear. Batman could put you away eight days a week, twice on Saturday. He doesn’t. He lets you run loose for his own reasons, and whatever they may be… well… it’s not so much that I trust you. I trust him.
Catwoman: You are just so unbelievably sweet. This was fun! Let’s do it again sometime! I’ll come to Metropolis!
Superman: NO!
Catwoman: I’ll bring Poison Ivy!
Superman: Really, truly, no. Wait, she’s the one who dresses just in leaves?
Catwoman: Yep.
Superman: No. Take the win. Go.

– The Brave and the Bold Vol. 3 #16

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