For anyone who’s not up to date with the current X-men storylines, here’s a fairly new development: Some of their most iconic members have gone through costume changes! Shortly after the Marvel crossover event Avengers VS X-men in late 2012, someone up in the top of Marvel land (or is it Disney?) decided that new costumes are in order for our heroes. Then began a gradual change for the most recognizable mutants. So without further ado, here they are in no particular arrangement.

cyclops emma frost and magik

It’s actually Cyclops’s team that went through the most changes. Right after the AVX event, Cyclops was sent to prison and then later escaped with the help of Magik, Magneto and Danger. With Professor X’s blood on his hands, he swore to continue his mentor’s dream of humans and mutants peacefully living together, but with a different approach. Knowing that the new mutants appearing around the world would be prosecuted for being different, Cyclops and his team made it their primary mission to protect and recruit new mutants into his school: The New Charles Xavier School for Mutants.

cyclops new

Gone is the visor mostly associated with Cyclops. Instead, we get the an X shaped masked that looks too similar to Racer X of Speed Racer. Armor is of a different color and design as well. I think the only thing they left were the belt pouches.

emma frost new costume

Emma Frost’s white queen attire has been changed into an all black ensemble, but still in keeping with the bondage theme. Shocking and provocative, that’s Emma for you.

magneto new costume

Another startling change is the X-men’s former adversary Magneto. Ditching his familiar purple costume, he seems perfectly at peace with his new all white garb. What irks me though are the bare arms. I don’t have the exact word for it but they just seem wrong.

magik new costume

Everyone’s favorite demon child is now equipped with what I can only describe as hell armor. Gone are Magik’s ordinary X-men uniform and we now get a a black suit with spikes coming out of her arms and shoulders.


Probably the costume change that would elicit the most complaints. It’s a completely new Psylocke!

storm new costume

Yes. Storm’s mohawk from the early X-men days are back. Her costume looks pretty much the same from the previous one though.

beast new form

Okay, not technically a costume change, but Beast’s appearance has undergone transformation as well, thanks to his past self. He’s still covered with blue fur, but Beast is now really living up to his monicker. Just look at the guy! It’s like seeing The Rock beef up his muscles even more. He doesn’t even look feline anymore. Just one large furry brute who can send your carcass to the moon with one swing!

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