Avengers VS X-Men was a Marvel event in 2012 that spawned a 12 issue limited series, and countless tie-ins to both the X-Men and Avengers ongoing comic series. The premise is that the Phoenix Force is headed towards Earth, and both the Avengers and X-Men have different ideas on what its purpose is. The Avengers, led by Captain America, feel that it’s a threat of planetary proportions and the X-Men, led by Cyclops, feel that it’s the sign of rebirth for their dwindling race. Ever since the events of House of M, no new mutants were being born except in the case of Hope Summers, the so called mutant messiah. Many believed her to be the key to saving the mutants and a possible Phoenix host. A long battle ensues between the two groups when Captain America brings the entire Avengers to Utopia, the island home of the X-Men, and tries to take Hope into custody. Feeling that their sovereign rights were being violated, Cyclops vehemently refused Captain America and fires the first shot.



A complete list of all Avengers VS X-Men posts in chronological order.

  1. Scarlet Witch, Miss Marvel And Spider-Woman VS Modok
  2. Vision Sends Scarlet Witch Away
  3. Cyclops Training Hope Summers
  4. Wolverine Explains The Phoenix To Captain America
  5. What Cyclops Thinks Of The Phoenix
  6. Cyclops Strikes First Against Captain America
  7. Colossus Crashes A Helicarrier
  8. Wolverine Tries To Kill Hope Summers
  9. How The X-Men Escaped The Avengers
  10. Captain America VS Wolverine (Avengers VS X-Men)
  11. How Wolverine Survived Antarctica
  12. Thor VS The Phoenix
  13. What Happened When Iron Man Shot The Phoenix
  14. Magneto Welcomes Professor X To Utopia
  15. The Phoenix 5 Helping The World
  16. How Colossus Handled The Electric Legion
  17. How Iron Fist Is Connected To The Phoenix
  18. Cyclops Declares Pax Utopia
  19. The Avengers Tries To Abduct Hope Summers
  20. Cyclops And Emma Frost VS The Avengers (AVX)
  21. The Scarlet Witch Rescues The Avengers
  22. Cyclops Declares No More Avengers
  23. The X-Men Hunts Down The Avengers
  24. Phoenix Five Emma Frost Incinerates Hawkeye
  25. Cyclops Scolds The Other Phoenix Five
  26. Phoenix Five Namor VS The Scarlet Witch
  27. Emma Frost Encourages Namor To Rebel
  28. Phoenix Five Namor Destroys Wakanda
  29. How Namor Broke Red Hulk’s Arm
  30. The Avengers Take Down Phoenix Five Namor
  31. What Happens If A Phoenix Five Member Is Defeated
  32. Phoenix Five Colossus And Magik VS Thor
  33. What It Means To Be An Avenger According To Spider-Man
  34. Phoenix Five Emma Frost Being Corrupted By The Phoenix
  35. Black Panther Annuls His Marriage To Storm
  36. Where The Phoenix Five Kept Their Captive Avengers
  37. What Phoenix Five Colossus Did To Whales
  38. Phoenix Five Colossus And Magik VS The Avengers
  39. Spider-Man Sacrifices Himself
  40. Spider-Man VS Phoenix Five Colossus And Magik
  41. Phoenix Five Emma Frost Demands Worship
  42. Phoenix Five Cyclops Takes Out Hawkeye, Thor And The Thing
  43. Shao Lao VS Phoenix Five Cyclops
  44. Hope Summers Uses Chaos Fist On Phoenix Five Cyclops
  45. Captain America Recruits The Hulk
  46. Phoenix Five Emma Frost Wants To Recreate The World
  47. Professor X Restrains Phoenix Five Cyclops
  48. Storm VS Phoenix Five Emma Frost
  49. Phoenix Five Cyclops Betrays Phoenix Five Emma Frost
  50. Cyclops Kills Professor X
  51. Cyclops Dark Phoenix
  52. Iron Man’s Theory On The Phoenix’s Purpose
  53. Scarlet Witch VS Hope Summers
  54. Dark Phoenix Cyclops VS The Avengers And X-Men
  55. Dark Phoenix Cyclops Tears The World Apart
  56. Nova Attacks Dark Phoenix Cyclops
  57. Hope Summers And Scarlet Witch VS Dark Phoenix Cyclops
  58. Hope Summers Doesn’t Know Captain America’s Origins
  59. Hope Summers As The Phoenix
  60. Hope Summers Releases The Phoenix

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