Grail Kills Superwoman (Darkseid War) Grail Kills Superwoman (Darkseid War)

From – Justice League Vol 2 #50

One thought on “Grail Kills Superwoman (Darkseid War)”
  1. Was a surprise for sure. It wouldve been far more dramatic if they fought for the baby. Both Amazons. Both incredibly evil. Both want the baby for conquest. She got shot in the back. a couple of other things- I HATE she is called Lois. Superwoman belongs to WW myths not Supermans. Really insulting to the Wonder legacy. Why does Superwoman have heat vision? I loved the original 60s version. She shouldve been called Suprema…which was Wonder Womans initial name. Fits better.
    Really enjoyed the twists. Just thought a fight for the baby wouldve been EPIC

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