When DC Comics finished their New 52 branding, what followed suit was Rebirth. It’s not a reboot but more of a continuation of the New 52 storylines, except better in my opinion. Justice League Volume 3 merely picks up after the events of Justice League Volume 2  but with the following differences.

  1. New 52 Superman is dead and is replaced by the New Earth Superman, or Pre-Flashpoint Supreman as I call him.
  2. Hal Jordan left (again) to find the missing Green Lantern Corps and in his place he assigned rookie Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz in his stead.



A complete list of all Justice League Volume 3 posts in chronological order.

  1. The Batcave Attacks Batman And Alfred
  2. Alfred Pennyworth Destroys The Batcave T-Rex
  3. Cyborg Teleports The Entire Watchtower
  4. The Justice League VS Simon Baz’s Corrupted Ring
  5. The Genie App
  6. The Justice League Gets A $750 Billion Bounty
  7. Why Amazo Saved The Justice League
  8. How Maxwell Lord Became Head Of Checkmate
  9. The Justice League (Volume 3 #12)
  10. Maxwell Lord Mind Controls Amanda Waller
  11. Eclipso Mind Controls Steve Trevor
  12. Cyborg Tells The Green Lanterns To Grow A Pair
  13. Superman (Prime Earth) Talks About His Justice League
  14. Superman Reveals Batman’s Justice League Contingency Plan
  15. Batman Uses A Star Wars Reference
  16. The Justice League (Volume 3 #14)
  17. Jake Taylor Kills Jessica Cruz
  18. Justice League Vol. 3 #21
  19. Simon Baz Tries To High Five Batman
  20. Wonder Woman Trains With The Green Lanterns
  21. The Black Shield’s Powers
  22. How Jessica Cruz Defeated The Black Shield
  23. Justice League Vol. 3 #24
  24. Mera VS The Justice League
  25. Mera (Justice League Vol. 3 #24)
  26. Mera Joins The Justice League (Rebirth)
  27. The Green Lantern Corps Defeated Shirak
  28. The Justice League VS Shirak
  29. How Simon Baz And Cyborg Defeated Shirak
  30. Cyborg Aquaman VS Justice League’s Children
  31. Sovereign VS The Justice League’s Children
  32. The Justice League Meets Their Kids From The Future (Rebirth)
  33. Barry Allen And Jessica Cruz’s Children
  34. Wonder Woman’s Future Son Hunter Prince
  35. The Justice League’s Children From The Future
  36. Future Cyborg-Aquaman Ambushes Batman     27
  37. Wonder Woman VS The Justice League’s Children
  38. Cyborg-Aquaman Takes Down The Flash And Green Lantern    29
  39. The Red Death’s Flashmobiles   32
  40. The Drowned Turns Mera Into A Sea Monster
  41. The Merciless VS Wonder Woman
  42. Cyborg (Justice League Vol. 3 #32)

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