super sons 1

A complete list of all Super Sons Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. Superboy And Robin In A Snowball Fight (Rebirth)
  2. Superboy Learns How To Deal With Bullies
  3. Lex Luthor Catches Superboy And Robin (Rebirth)
  4. How Superboy And Robin Escaped Lex Luthor (Rebirth)
  5. World’s Finest (Super Sons #2)
  6. Superboy And Robin VS Superman/Batman Androids
  7. Kid Amazo (Super Sons #4)
  8. How Superboy And Robin Took Down Kid Amazo
  9. Damian Wayne (Super Sons #5)
  10. Robin VS Superboy In The Batcave (Rebirth)
  11. Super Sons #5
  12. Robin Takes Superboy On Patrol (Rebirth)
  13. Superboy And Robin (Super Sons #6)
  14. The Teen Titans (Super Sons #6)
  15. Teen Titans VS Atom-Master And Chun Yull
  16. Old Man Robin
  17. Superboy Joins The Teen Titans (Rebirth)
  18. Kraklow (Rebirth)
  19. Teen Titans (Super Sons #7)
  20. Teen Titans VS Kraklow (Rebirth)
  21. Bigshot And Hardline
  22. Superboy And Robin Meets Bigshot And Hardline
  23. Ygarddis (Super Sons #8)
  24. Super Sons #9
  25. Superboy Can Now Fly (Rebirth)
  26. Superboy And Robin Bonds Over Flying
  27. Batman Damian Wayne (Super Sons #10)
  28. Superboy And Robin’s Fortress Of Attitude
  29. Superboy Defeats The Hangmen
  30. Titans Of Tomorrow (Rebirth)
  31. Savior Merges With The Timeline
  32. Teen Titans And Titans Of Tomorrow (Rebirth)
  33. Damian Wayne’s Promise To Superman (Rebirth)
  34. Teen Titans Vote For Superboy’s Membership
  35. Damian Wayne As A School Student
  36. Superboy Meets Talia Al Ghul (Rebirth)
  37. Superboy Learns Of Robin’s History (Rebirth)
  38. Superboy And Robin (Supersons #14)
  39. Damian Wayne VS Talia al Ghul (Super Sons #14)
  40. Robin And Superboy (Supersons #14)
  41. Kid Amazo (Super Sons #15)
  42. Cyborg Saves Robin (Damian Wayne)
  43. Kid Amazo Captures The Justice League
  44. Kid Amazo Infects Cyborg
  45. Super Sons VS Kid Amazo


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