Cassandra Cain And Clayface Act A Shakespeare Scene Cassandra Cain And Clayface Act A Shakespeare Scene

I love how heart-warming this is. Cass gets to practice speaking and Clayface gets to bond with someone who doesn’t just see him as a monster.

From – Detective Comics Vol. 1 #958

One thought on “Cassandra Cain And Clayface Act A Shakespeare Scene”
  1. Something tells me this is forshadowing of sorts. Though probably not for a future conflict of Cassandra wanting her freedom from being under Bruce, as we’ve already seen Bruce acknowledge that he thought Cassandra was too good to be regulated to just being another extention of him (when he told her the reason he hadn’t made her Batgirl yet). However, it could be about being free of Barbara. There’s a lot of scenes where Bruce questions Barbara’s methods of trying to make Cass more “normal” and Barbara snaps back by implying he’s worried he’ll lose his best potential successor if Cass wants to live a more normal life. But I think it’s the opposite. It’s Barbara who’s afraid of losing Cass as her legacy if she instead inherits Bruce’s legacy – then the monicer of Batgirl will be forgotten or passed on to someone who could never measure up to Cassandra. Because of the two, Barbara is actually the arrogant one with the ego, not Bruce. She’s the one who keeps newspaper clips of herself as Batgirl and talks about how much she loves the attention. But Cassandra wants to be the next “Batman”, and she’s way more similar to Bruce than she is to Barbara. Bruce isn’t worried about Cassandra growing independent from him; he’s been the one encouraging her individuality the most. It’s Barbara who isn’t always trying to make Cassandra into something she’s not. The real reason she’s concerned about Cass becoming more like Bruce is because she’s trying to live her life through Cass and use her as an extention of herself – to make her do all the things she can no longer do since her paralysis – just like those selfish parents who try to live through their child’s accomplishments.

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