red robin's contingency plan for everyone red robin's contingency plan for everyone red robin's contingency plan for everyone

I have so many likes for these panels. We see a glimpse on the evolving personalities of the 3 Robins.

Dick Grayson has taken over the mantle of Batman in this period while Bruce Wayne was widely believed to be dead. Still acting as the mediator, he’s the perfect balance to Damian’s hotheadedness and Tim looks up to him as an older brother.

Bruce himself once told Alfred Pennyworth that Tim Drake would surpass him one day as the world’s greatest detective. Here we see him emulating another of Bruce’s traits, you can either call it preparedness or paranoia. Not only did Tim start creating contingency plans for the villains, he was also making one for the heroes in secret. Damian finds out about this and starts a fight with Tim on Crime Alley.

Damian Wayne is commonly viewed as a psychopath and a douche. But when he learns that his name is among the list of heroes and villains that Tim is preparing contingency plans on, he loses his bravado for a moment and shows how vulnerable he is. Who knew he had a strong streak to be accepted by everyone?

And that last line between Tim and Dick shows how strong the bond between them is. Dick Grayson is the only person not on his list.

– Red Robin #14

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  1. 8 19 2018 1 39a Comic Newbies Red Robin Contingency Plans
    Damian Wayne aka Robin feels he’s entitled
    because he is the Bio-Son of Bruce Wayne.
    No! He hasn’t Earned the Right to Lead!
    They don’t like Him nor Respect him!
    Damian is the Youngest in the Wayne Family
    and he Hates it!
    Nothing he can do about it!

  2. He is also the most entertaining to follow. He is related to Bruce and Bruce’s mentor. Batman has the same attitude and flaws. This is what makes the arc so relatable and real. Hes not the boy scout he comes from hate. And his hate is what drives him. It just so happens that he drew a hard and fast line to get his parents killers. Its this inner battle that makes him. He cant allow himself to be like Joe Chill even as all he wants is to seek revenge and inflict pain and suffering on the world that he feels causes his pain. Damin has no line of hate to hold him back from killing. He was taught to kill. Its only since meeting Bruce that he even was told killing was not the way. Its not his moral set. He only wishes to be accepted by his parents who have very different morals about how to fix the world. Even when both feel as the are doing the right thing. Really anything with Bruces son is a must read. Its the best moral struggle since Batman. This is the reason Batman is the superheroe that is the most important in all of comics, movies and cartoons.

  3. Naaah I love Tim and he’s my favorite character, Damian tried to kill a few times so what he expected.and most of the time he’s being verbal abusive with Tim and has violence tendencies so he deserves his place in that list.

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